AM I ?

it’s 11.44pm late nite, after american idol, after heroes tv series, after 2 glasses green tea, after 3 slices of pizza, after a small plate of spagetti, and after all the things that i’ve done today, i don;t even know how to blink my eyes, to close my eyes.
listening to the old mellow music just making me realize how wonderfull my life is. when i was a little, i kept moving every 5 years. within that period of time, i had a lot of friends from one place to another. and sometimes i forgot them, sometimes i remembered. the memories lays in my head, back the old days, i still remembered…
i was in love with voltus, gogle 5, i even know the lyric! i collect stamp, collect pencils (dunno where all that stuff now) i love playing as a detective as a victim, i love playing piano, i love read comics, books, i love all that stupid stuff, i love that my childhood was lovely.
in the journey of my life i’ve been following the sadness the worst, the beautifull chapters. everyday is a new life, everyday is a new day. sound cliche but it’s there
i’m so greatfull that my mom and my dad rasie me with lots of love tons of hugs and i’m sooo in blue tonight. i’m so happy with my life, i’m so lucky, but am i?
i just listened to the MYMP, it’s philipine group music, Make Your Mama Proud! it’s sooooo coool! but once again, another question pop up in my head, am I?
nite nite

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