i’m tired

today i feel the lowest of my life, i’m tired trying to be the best, i’m tired hiding behind my weakness, to be strong as i can be day by day, every minute every second. when nobody around me to save me, when all the fingers appointed to me, blamming all to the problems and all of sudden the world explode, time is stop ticking. i just dunnno what am i suppose to do, i was so happy with life, i was so free dealing my my whole problems, i could even smile without faking it, i could even laugh without tears collinding into it.

sometimes i just wanna go back to the way i used to be, go back to where i came before. i just wanna get sick, very sick so i could barely open my eyes so all the tears and pain will swipe away. sometimes i just wanna dissapear, i’m too tired to all of this. i’m tired…i’m really tired. it’s about time for me to move on, this is the rite time to move on, it’s about time to spread my wings. back to the old saddle again, or jump in to another life. it’s about time….

coz i’m tired

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Plezzzzzzzzzzzz don’t give up Dude! Show to everybody you can do it !
    “Happiness is not having what your dream it, but Happiness is enjoying what you have”

  2. ninuks says:

    Eh semangat dunks.. This doesn’t sound like you.. Hiks 😦

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